How I Stopped The Rain At My Niece’s Wedding – Femi Aribisala

How I Stopped The Rain At My Niece's Wedding - Femi Aribisala 

The Believer’s Authority, By Femi Aribisala

Jesus was a king with a difference. He exercised complete authority in all areas of life.

My niece was getting married and the wedding was outdoors. But just as it was about to commence, the weather changed; a bleak rain cloud overshadowed the place.

I called out to a so-called pastor nearby: “Come,” I said, “Let us shift this rain.” Immediately, a cloud came over him. I could see fear written all over his face. But I did not allow him to equivocate. I grabbed his hands and decreed that the rain must go away from the location for the wedding in Jesus’ name.

Just as soon as I finished, the cloud broke and moved away. I could not help but laugh at the “pastor.” “You were so scared,” I berated him. “But don’t you see, the cloud has moved.”

It rained elsewhere on that day, but no drop of rain came near the location of the wedding.



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