Have You Heard That A President Who Loves His Country Go Abroad For Medical Check-Up? – Okey Bakassi Slams Buhari

Popular Nigerian comedian and actor, Okey Bakassi Slams Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari over his recent trip abroad for a medical check-up.

According to the actor, during an interview with Lagos Talks FM slams President Buhari for not loving his country enough. He said this in line with the president traveling out of Nigeria for his medical check-up.

He disclosed his annoyance as he revealed that the Aso Rock clinic ought to be the desired standard and a place to fly in foreign nationals for treatment rather than Nigerians and even the President himself vacating Aso Rock to get a medical trip abroad.

”Have you ever heard any president who loves his country go to another country for a medical check-up? The country can afford to build good hospitals the president can receive treatment from and not travel out for check out” He said

Source: The African Media

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