Which Medical School Did You Attend? – Troll Calls Out Halima Abubakar

Which Medical School Did You Attend? – Troll Calls Out Halima Abubakar


A social media troll and self-acclaimed professor has taken to the comment section of movie producer and actress Halima Abubakar to chastise her over the construction of the English language and also about a health post she shared.

Actress Halima Abubakar took to her Instagram page to advise her fans and the public as a whole on some health tips.

According to Halima, most people who lose their lives are a result of inadequate sleep.

She advised that people should treat their health as a priority because high blood pressure kills faster than imagined.

She shared a photo of herself and captioned it, “60% of death is caused by lack of rest.

Treat your health right. Feed it right. Fill it with love. Your mental health first. HBP kills.

Don’t allow anyone, rush you or stress you. #mentalhealthawarenessweek”.

However, a fan identified as @Realrhozer took the comment section and mocked the actress’s construction of the English language.

According to her, Halima finds it difficult to construct her English grammar and later went on to question her over the credibility of the health tips she shared on her Instagram page.

The troll also questioned if she attended a medical school to share such a piece of medical advice.

“Is the English for me…..even in Bobrisky’s chat….common simple sentence dey hard you.

but is your fact true because I don’t know when you attended medical school”, the troll commented.



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