Ghana Police Allegedly Shot Dead Another Nigerian in Buduburam

Ghana Police Allegedly Shot Dead Another Nigerian in Buduburam

Ghana Police allegedly shot dead another Nigerian young man in Budubram, Ghana. This has created tension between the Ghana Police and the Nigerian Communities in Ghana.

Nigerians in Ghana are angrily requesting answers from the Ghanaian Police as to why their beloved brother, friend and husband was shot. The Police station is filled with Nigerians as they seek answers.

The Nigerian young man was called Precious. He left behind a nursing wife in Ghana. The nursing wife tells her side of the story that someone had threatened to kill Precious. She continued that her husband was anxious as the person who threatened to kill him could pursue him.

According to her, her late husband’s assailant pursued them as they moved from the hotel to a friend’s house. She said her late husband later shouted for neighbours to come around.

The mother of the five-week-old baby continued:

‘The neighbours came out in their numbers and my late husband retraced his footstep to look out for the assailant. It took a long time and Precious was not returning so some of the people around followed up.

“Then someone called to tell me that Precious has been admitted to the hospital after he sustained a knife wound. When I insisted that I wanted to go see him they said no and locked me in the room.

“I later realised the police have shot and killed my husband. He has opened a shop for me here and people around know him very well…he is hardworking and does not steal so I don’t know why he was killed,”

This is the second report of the Ghana Police allegedly shooting a Nigerian in Ghana this week.

source: The African Media

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