Former World Champion and Ghanaian Boxer Alfred Kotey dies tragically at age 52

Alfred Kotey dies

Former World Champion and Ghanaian Alfred Kotey dies tragically. Alfred Kotey death was terrible, and silent in Bronx, New York. Alfred Kotey slipped, stumbled and fell in Bronx and was taken to hospital. Independent reported that he never recovered and his machine was switched off. There is little known about his last hours or days.

He was an idol in Ghana and a beautiful fighter. Like many boxers from Ghana, He grew in Bukom, in Accra. He was given a nickname Cobra because he was lethal and beautiful little boxer. He fought at the 1988 Olympics and turned a professional boxer from there.

He defended his world title twice and then lost to Daniel Jiminez. This defeat was his second in 22 fights.  His fighting life started that night at the York Hall ring just about a year since wining the title. He never bounced back from loss to loss. Alfred was very tough. He won 26 fights, 16 defeats and one draw.

His death was tragic and silent. He was forgotten that no one knew he was even living he city. It’s so terrific that a great little fighter with a perfect balance and poise just fell over the street of New York. He had stroke and dementia, he couldn’t speak. He died lonely and silent in a foreign land.


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