Filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere’s Wife, Actress Nuella Njubigbo Takes Down His Name Off Her Instagram

Weeks after populaR Nollywood filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere and wife, actress Nuella jointly debunked a rumour that their marriage had a crisis, Nuella Njubigbo has finally taken down his name off her Instagram profile.

Before the situation on the ground, she had formerly used “Nuella Njubigbo Chikere” as the name on her bio on Instagram but she has taken off ” Chikere”

which is the surname of her husband from her bio.

Nuella also removed her role as a wife off her status, which strangely indicates that she’s no longer a wife or married to her husband, Chikere.

Previously, it was alleged that their marriage hit the rock, but the couple was fast enough to debunk the news as they shared some intimate bedroom photos.

Check out photo:

Source: The African Media

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