The Day Fan Almost Kissed Me In Public – Opeyemi Adetunji

The Day Fan Almost Kissed Me In Public – Opeyemi Adetunji


Dark and lovely Opeyemi Adetunji who came into limelight 8 years ago shared a funny scenario where she was nearly kissed by a fan in public.

She has featured in Yoruba blockbuster movies like Omo Alhaja 2, Omo Ijoba, to mention just a few, has continued to carve a niche for herself in the movie industry.

The actress cum producer bemoaned some of the pains she goes through for fame.

The Ile Ife – Osun State born, claimed she had experienced some unpleasant harassments for being a TV personality.

She recalled, “a male fan almost k issed me in public.

He said I kissed well in a movie and he has been looking for me since then.

Another issue with being famous is my private life; everybody wants to know what is going on with you.

Even my social life; I can’t post just anything or write comments anyhow to avoid misinterpretations,”

The curvy actress also mentioned some of the challenges of being endowed naturally.

“I have always loved my body since my growing up days.

The only issue I do have with my boobs, is if I love a dress and then the breasts are too big for it.

Aside that no disadvantage of having big boob. I love them. They never made me have low self esteem; my mum taught me to love myself.”

On celebrity baby mama trend, which is becoming a trend amongst Yoruba actresses, Ms Adetunji believes life comes with lots of choices, “I’m not in their shoes; who am I to judge them?”




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