“Erica Slam Trolls Who Question Her Dress Sense

“Erica Slam Trolls Who Question Her Dress Sense


Popular actress and brand influencer, Erica has reacted furiously to a fan who claimed she lacks dressing sense by noting that she’s an actress and not an Instagram model.

Erica has been forced to address trolls on her page ever since she left the BBNaija reality show some months and it’s not looking like that will end anytime soon.

In a series of tweet on her Twitter account, Erica called out the fan by insisting that being an A list actor is the goal, not an Instagram model.

She tweeted:

Acting 3 film productions while ill, 3 commercials, appearances, photo shoots, filming other stuff, all in two months, going on set after taking injection shots.

I thank God for the jobs, A list actor is the goal, you know what to do if you’re looking for an instagram model fave.

You’re not even a fan you’re complaining.

Why don’t u focus on pages you actually like? Abi them use rope tie you here?

You will know me as the best and most respected actor not the best instagram model!



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