Folarin Falana, better known by his stage name Falz to Coordinate a Nationwide Peaceful EndofSars March

Falz is urging people to join in a peaceful Nationwide march to present a response to President Buhari via all the State Governors and Police leaders. This peaceful march is to push the agenda, EndPoliceBrutality, ReformThePolice, SARSmustEND, EndSARSnow, and 5FOR5.

Falz to Coordinate a Nationwide Peaceful EndofSars March

This Nationwide march is to be held on tomorrow 13th October, 2020, starts at 9 in the morning. The dress code for this march is Green and white.

In response to his post on twitter, D-Truce commented that the dress code should be changed and that the police would easily spot them and may disperse them with bullets teargas. He continued that he was nearly abducted in Abuja yesterday.

However, Falz responded by saying the dress code is not strict and that everyone can wear anything. Falz reply really mean that the dress code is not main subject matter in the march but rather the agenda they are pushing to the Leaders who have brought the SARS.

  The African Media News


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