Popular Ghanaian Actor Majid Michel writes to send a message across pertaining to #EndSAR protest and Police Brutality. There are Times It’s Not Sin to Fight Back.

The Actor and Pastor, Majid Michel used his Instagram account to write a powerful message with regards to the police brutality in Nigeria. He wrote about love for one’s nation or country.

#EndSARS: Majid Michel writes

He wrote;

If you say you love your nation and yet you are willing to let somebody else destroy it because you don’t ever want to do any damage, you do not love your country.

If you say you love a person and you don’t hate what is trying to destroy them, then you do not love that person. If you say you love righteousness but you don’t hate evil, then you do not love.

Jesus beat people at the beginning of his ministry and at the end of his ministry. Why? He was angry! He made a whip out of cords and beat these people and overturned their tables. Did you know that this is the same one that the Bible said God is Love? Jesus got angry and he never sinned. There is a right use of anger.
There are times that, it is sin not to fight back.
Jesus didn’t say, guys i’m sorry, i really love you, i don’t want you to misunderstand me but you can’t do this, please don’t do this again. No!! he made a whip, and was angry and drove those people out of there and that was the righteous thing to do.

You know, if love is true, Gods kind of love involves you not just sitting there and watching evil people take over. People have just been murdered by the military and instead of saying we have to organise, resist and find strategies, religious people say everything happens for a reason and maybe God took these young peoples lives from us in order for us to humble ourselves before the law. So instead of attention being put on the police department, attention is now put on your duty to God, then the police gets off the scene. NO! it needs to be a message of liberation not a message of submission when it comes to police killings.

The risk of Liberation and the responsibilities of liberation is what we fear as a people. The risk of, i can lose my job, i can go to jail, i can be assassinated. The responsibility of, i have to be responsible with my money, i have to contribute to the society, i have to help our children.

We need each other and we need to be interested in working with each other. If it was an ice bucket challenge, everyone around the world will be posting something, but when it comes to police genocide where lives are being lost, we have to beg the world to support. #ENDSARS #LEADERSHiP

Source: The African Media

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