#ENDSARS: How Police Robbed Foreign Investor I Brought From Egypt –  Aubrey Hbry

Aubrey Hbry

As more people tell their SARS victim story, and #ENDSARS trend all over the world even in Columbia and Canada, higher authorities are paying attention to the cries except President Buhari of course.

Co-Founder of the Africa Expert Network and author Aubrey Hbry revealed she brought some investors from Egypt to Nigeria and they were victimized and robbed by the police on their way to the airport while leaving the country.

“it is high time. i brought VC investors to Nigeria from Egypt last year and they were completely shaken down and robbed by the police as they were leaving the country after an amazing week of meeting with stellar Nigerian entrepreneurs #EndSARS”

Aubrey Hruby who is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center and co-founder of Insider and the Africa Expert Network (AXN).

She is also the former managing director of the Whitaker Group, an Africa-focused advisory firm that has helped facilitate more than $2 billion in capital flows to Africa.




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