Empress Leak Owner Arrested by Ghana Police Service

Empress Leak owner arrested by Ghana Police Service

Popular adult content website Empress Leak owner has been arrested by Ghana Police Service. The website owner has been arrested by the Cybercrime Division of the Ghana Criminal Investigation Department.

The website owner, Mr Anderson Owusu Anim aka Mario Gee was  charged with three offences.

These include;

1. Money laundering

2. Provision of adult content

3. Breach of provisions of cybercrime

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The arrest revealed that the popular website publishes adult content of Ghanaians, Nigerians, South Africans and other countries without their consent.

The Empress Leak is been prosecuted in court. Meanwhile, he is on remand to reappear in court on 19th August 2020.

The prosecution revealed that he blackmails victims to take down their videos or pictures from his website.

He reportedly took between GHC100 or GHC500 through mobile money to take down the contents but refused.

The Empress Leak owner was arrested on 30th January 2020 at his residence in Osino in the Eastern Region, Ghana with a lot of victims private content which was being uploaded onto his website.

The police confiscated his electronic gadgets used to upload the content on his website.

The court is yet to decide.

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