Don’t Be Intimidated By Anyone’s Success – Actress, Kate Henshaw Advises Fans

Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has advised her fans never to be intimidate by the success of anyone.

The renowned actress gave this cool advice on her verified social media post on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

According to her, people shouldn’t be intimidated by anyone’s success adding that they should keep working hard and also on themselves.

The post she made reads;

“Don’t be intimidated by anyone’s success.. Keep working hard and on yourself. The sky is big enough and you are doing just fine.”

Some of the reactions the post got are;

@MmenieE – Thanks hanty Kate.
Can anybody here help me find a career counselor please?

@OhikhuareGrate2 – Needed this,thank you ma for this God bless http://you.You just lifted my spirit

@Alademehin_seun – No champion for life. We only have reigning champion.

@JideAkintunde1 – A lot of oppressors in town, but laslas we all go dey alright.

@PeterJohnOmeiz1 – Sometimes we are not even intimidated by others but d fact you are not where you should be is enough. I left a friend after playing PES 1:am last night around 3:am he sent a suicide letter to his family thank God they called and I had to go and stay with him till Dawn

People are going through a lot they are just keeping smiling faces so they won’t look like they are troubled. Theoretically it’s easy not to be intimidated but practically it’s not

@taadelodun – 100%. We should rather learn from other people’s success. What they did and how they did it. We can all be successful without disturbing each other. There are 188 $billionaires in California

@McKannzv – Why do people compete with others in the first instance?
Why can’t people just face their “focus” and know that it’s “being unique & adding value” that’s the determinant factor almost always? Mek I go drink garri wit groundnut oo

Source: The African Media

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