Don jazzy’s Ex-Wife, Michelle, Explains Why She Was Taller Than Him In Their Wedding Picture

Veteran music producer, Don Jazzy’s ex-wife, Michelle Jackson has explained why she looks taller than him in one of their wedding picture.

Recall that a week ago, Don Jazzy dropped a bombshell revelation that he was married at the age of 20 and divorced at the age of 22.

He also dropped a picture of him and his ex-wife, Michelle at their marriage ceremony. In the picture, Michelle looks to be taller than Jazzy which got people talking.

While a lot of people assumed that it was because she was taller, she has however revealed that it was a different reason.

She dropped the remaining part of the wedding picture which shows that Michelle was on a step above Jazzy and was wearing a heel giving a false perception that she is taller.

She wrote;

“I Hope the question about my height is answered here. Sometimes we need the full picture. I looked so tall because I was on a step above Jazzy with heels”

Source: The African Media

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