DJ Cuppy Reveals Why She Stopped Her #OffendingwithFendi Series

Popular Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy has revealed why she stopped her #OffendingwithFendi series.

DJ Cuppy in early 2020 used to post pictures of her wearing various clothing articles from the luxurious brand, Fendi which she tagged as #OffendingwithFendi.

However, after a while, she stopped which got some concerned fans asking what the problem was. Some fans wondered if she had run out of clothes.

In a response to fans, she revealed her team had reached out to the brand for collaboration but was turned down by Fendi.

She revealed she was disappointed by the answer they gave.

“Some people ask me if I stopped #OffendingWithFendi weekly because I ran out of clothes Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatFace with tears of joy …No, it’s because I was disappointed that my FAVE brand @Fendi didn’t acknowledge me even after my team reached out to collaborate.”

Source: The African Media

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