DJ Cuppy Explains Why She Isn’t Interested In People Praising Her

Popular Nigerian Disc Jockey,  DJ Cuppy who is one of Nigerian most trolled celebrities has shared a very impactful message with fans making them know that those who praise you will bring you down.

DJ Cuppy in a video shared on her Twitter page revealed that the same people that praise you for something you did, will be the same people to bring you down and that is one of the reasons why she doesn’t live to impress anyone.

According to her, a lot of celebrities lie about how smooth and glamorous their life is as they all go through hard times, and as a celebrity, your happiness depends on yourself and no one else hence she’s not going to live her life for anyone.

Adding that she has had a lot of personal problems and one that has to do with her career but none of that is going to stop her from becoming happy as now she’s going to do whatever makes her happy and she can sing about whatever she wants.

She said even if she wins a Grammy today, there will still be people who will think she isn’t good enough for that as the same people who hail and praise you today are the same people that will bring you down at some point.

Cuppy also pointed out that life is not about the richest or sexiest or anything like that but then about the happiness of you the individual therefore she is going to live her life how she pleases and not to please anyone.

Source: The African Media

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