Daddy Freeze Calls On Church Leaders To Lend Their Voices To EndSARS Campaign

Popular Nigerian On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has called on religious leaders from various Churches, to lend their voices to the ongoing EndSARS campaign launched against police brutality in Nigeria.

He made this call on Monday October 12 via his official Twitter page.

Taking to his Twitter page, Freeze acknowledged some of the religious leaders who have spoken out and then pleaded with the rest to stand for their people just like late minister and activist, Martin Luther King Jr, did for his own people in America.

He tweeted… “The silence from the Churches/GOs regarding #EndSARS is so loud! Except for a few that spoke earlier, everyone else in church leadership is so conspicuously silent? Please, I plead with you, Stand with the people like Martin Luther King did! He was a reverend! ~FRZ #SARSMUSTEND”

Source: The African Media


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