Comedian Woli Arole Advices Men Against S€xual Enhancement Products Because Of Witchcraft

Popular Nigerian comedian, Woli Arole has taken to his social media page to share his thought about sexual enhancement products and sexual juices products. Woli Arole described the products as modernized witchcraft.

He went further to warn men in the society to be very careful so that their destiny won’t be remoted and messed up due to sex. He added that a lot of modern day witches now reside in the internet so they should watch out.

Taking to his Twitter page, he wrote:

“Witchcraft has been modernized into sexual enhancement products and sexual juices. Guys out there be careful. Don’t let them remote your DESTINY through SEX. Retweet this to save a soul on your timeline. There are now MODERN INTERNET WITCHES”.

Source: The African Media

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