I Wanted To Be An American When I Was Young – Burna Boy

I Wanted To Be An American When I Was Young – Burna Boy


Grammy-winning Nigerian Afrobeat artist Burna Boy has disclosed that he had wished to be an American when he was young because of racial discrimination against Africans.

In an interview with Reuters, Burna Boy recounted how he was bullied in school in London by his white friends because of his colour.

He recounted how the white kids bullied the Africans in the school.

I wanted to be an American… anything but who I was, because who we are wasn’t really the cool thing to be.

Back in the days when l was schooling in London, you see people trying to bully Africans,” he said.

He added: “It’s a big moment and a big time for African music and Africans in general.

You can’t mention the top five musicians in the world without throwing me or an African in there. Now we’re eye to eye with the people we used to look up to.

At the end of the day, the truth never needs validation. And the truth is that we, Africans are the root, beginning, and the seed.”



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