Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has taken to social media to decision out fellow musician, Ceeza Milli. Burna did this whereas reacting to a video wherever Ceeza claimed he wrote eightieth of his song, On The Low

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Burna Boy has same that Ceeza’s claims square measure false which he has ne’er had any facilitate writing his songs except only once with Peruzzi. Burna additionally same that he hopes coronavirus catches Ceeza Milli before he will.

Nigerian music star, Burna Boy, recently created ANlook on social media through his Twitter page and he used the chance to decision out his colleague, Ceeza Milli.

The industry could be a terribly broad one and there square measure many aspects of it like music, script writing, song writing and additional. In several foreign countries, song writing isn’t a fact or to back far from however in African nation, it seems variety of musicians don’t appreciate it once some other person is attributable because the song author of their hit tracks.

Just recently, Grammy appointed singer, Burna Boy, took to social media via his Twitter page to decision out another musician, Ceeza Milli.

Ceeza Milli had claimed in AN interview with town FM that he wrote eightieth of Burna Boy’s hit track, On The Low. The balladeer failed to appreciate this claim and he took to social media to line things straight.

According to Burna’s tweet, he asked Ceeza if he same any such factor which he denied it. The singer additionally vulnerable to wear down Ceeza by speech communication he hopes coronavirus catches him before he will.

Burna went ahead to line things straight concerning his talent by speech communication that he has ne’er had any facilitate writing any of his songs except only once with Peruzzi.

Another musician scolded Burna for creating such a threat publically and he apologised. Burna but same that Ceeza still deserves some slaps for his statement.

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