Everyone Wanted To Date Me When I Joined Nollywood – Bukola Ojo

Everyone Wanted To Date Me When I Joined Nollywood – Bukola Ojo


Nigerian actress Bukola Ojo has revealed that most of the male actors were asking her to date them when she joined the movie industry.

In an interview, Bukola Ojo opened up on her childhood days and how she and her family went through hard times after her father passed on.

According to her, before her father passed on, her mum was a full-time housewife so it became difficult to survive when the breadwinner, her father passed on.

Speaking on her movie career, Bukola Ojo said that the first movie she featured on was titled Ewon Laafin, which was produced by Jaiye Kuti.

She disclosed that her first movie role helped her to get more juicy opportunities.

“The first movie I acted in was titled, Ewon Laafin, produced by Jaiye Kuti. It was an indelible experience in my acting career.

It was a good starting point that created other opportunities for me.”

Opening up on some of the challenges she experienced as a new actress entering the movie industry, she disclosed that most of the men wanted to date her.

She, however, turned them down with the excuse that she only joined the movie industry to pursue her dream.

She also disclosed that another challenge she faced was consistent traveling due to movie roles.

“As a beautiful lady, everyone wanted to date me when I started my career. I had to make it known to them that I joined the industry to pursue my passion and not for relationships.

Another challenge I faced was getting roles and traveling frequently; as our job requires that.”



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