Bose Ogulu Debunks Reports Of Rivers State Paying Burna Boy For Homecoming Visit

Bose Ogulu, Mother and manager to Burna Boy has revealed that the Grammy Award-winning singer wasn’t paid by the Rivers State Government for his homecoming visit.

In an interview with Ebuka on his Rubbin’ Mind show, Bose Ogulu was asked how she deals with the moments when Burna Boy gets involved in online controversies and confrontations with fans.

She said that wasn’t too concerned about his online controversial moments but maybe check from time to time due for the protection of his brand.

She also said that Burna is an artist that should be allowed to be himself as the element that makes him who is he is also the same thing that made people love him.

In her words;

“I am honestly not big on social media opinions, I really don’t care, honestly. I am more interested in what is real and what is happening before me. But having said that, because he is a brand, yes, your hackles do get up. You are not going to change him…If he does a tweet and I do a tweet, you are going to know the difference. What I have come to learn is that artist like him, they are like tapestry, if you pull at one thread too hard, everything will unravel, so you must make allowances for this person being himself because it is the same emotion that what you love about him comes from, it’s the same place…

Source: The African Media

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