Bad $£x Turns Me Off – Actress, Inem Peter Reveals

Bad $£x Turns Me Off – Actress, Inem Peter Reveals


Heavily endowed Nollywood actress and producer, Inem Peter has opened up in a recent Interview about how bad $£x turns her off.

Speaking to Inside Nollywood, Inem Peter intimated that she can’t stand bad s3x and it is one of the things she looks out for in a man before she can agree to marry him.

According to her, her future husband must be very good in bed and must be a giver aside being humble and tall.

She said;

“I like tall and humble guys. He has to be a giver too. Then s3x is very important.

He must be impressive in bed. Stingy, deceitful and selfish guys turn me off, likewise bad s3x.

I can’t stand bad s3x. On the contrary, a good sense of humour is a turn on for me, not sarcasm though.

Also, be truthful to me no matter how hard it is.”




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