“Afrobeats Music Makes Me Feel So Sexy” – Singer, Teyana Taylor Reveals

Popular American singer, songwriter and actress, Teyana Taylor has has revealed that Afrobeats music make her feels so sexy and good about herself.

During the early hours of the 7th of May, Teyana Taylor took to one of her social pages to tell her fans how she feels when ever she listens to  Afrobeats music. She tweeted;

“Afrobeats music makes me feel so sexy 😩😩😩😩😍😍🤣🤣 like I’m dancing in front a fan blowing hair.”

Teyana Taylor is an American singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, choreographer, director and model. While in her teens, Taylor, a Harlem native, signed with the Pharrell Williams’ Star Trak label, helped popularize the Chicken Noodle Soup dance, aided in the choreography for Beyoncé’sRing the Alarm” video, and became visible to the public in a 2007 episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. She has worked with music stars like Kanye West, Meek Mill, and Jadakiss. She recently starred in the 2021 Hollywood blockbuster movie, ‘Coming 2 America’.

Source: The African Media

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