Adekunle Gold With A Thankful Heart Blesses All His Fans

Adekunle Gold With A Thankful Heart Blesses All His Fans


Singer Adekunle Gold with a thankful and grateful heart has blessed all his fans praying that God bless all of them just like He has bless him.

Adekunle Gold in a tweet revealed that his heart is full and he’s thankful to God for all that He has done for him and his family adding that God has blessed him, therefore, he prays He blesses all his fans and loved ones as well.


Adekunle Gold yesterday celebrated the first birthday of his first child Deja and even went ahead to compose a song for her along with his wife Simi and we guess he’s thankful to God for giving him all these and making his dream possible.

After being grateful to God for his blessings upon him and his family, Adekunle Gold went ahead to pray for his fans and loved ones that God should also bless them just as He has blessed him and his entire family

Almost everyone who reacted to Adekunle Gold’s tweet claimed his prayer with happiness thanking him and praying that God bless him in return for thinking about them and praying they should be blessed just like he has been blessed.

A lot of people would love to have half the blessing of Adekunle Gold as most people wish to at least be like him forgetting that he has his own problems but just don’t let them affect him or he just doesn’t talk about them.



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