I’m Addicted To Lesbianism Especially Their P0rn – Lady Reveals

I’m Addicted To Lesbianism Especially Their P0rn – Lady Reveals


Sarah Mohammed, a single mother, has revealed that after living with a lesbian for a few months, she is attracted to lesbian p0rn even though she does not practice it.

In an interview with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami, Sarah said that while they were together, her friend would sometimes touch her inappropriately and put anklets on her ankle.

“She had nowhere to stay, so I let her into my house. We were friends since childhood, so I met her even though my friends told me about her new identity.

But sometimes she would touch my breasts while I sleep and she would also kiss my neck, It was then that I realized that she is a lesbian, ”Sarah revealed.

According to Sarah, she eventually kicked her out because she felt she was “demonic”

However, Sarah likes to watch lesbian p0rn and she now admires lesbians even though she claims not to practice.

“She left about a year ago and since then I have been going home and what I see is lesbian p0rn.

Also, I like her character, but I pray for her because I know it is demonic, ”she said.



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