Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals How Men Can Win Her Heart

In a recent interview she granted sighted on Sunnewsonline, Chioma Grace who is reportedly in a relationship as we speak said she does not think or care about a man’s financial status, class or affluence but is concerned about a truthful and a man of character.

“Before you get my love and support, first of all resonate with who I am, and the things I believe in. You must be truthful, reliable, and a person of character.

I don’t care about your money, class or affluence; all those things don’t mean anything to me,” she said.

Speaking on the misconceptions some people have about her and how she has been trying to correct it, the outspoken diva said,

“I’m opinionated. If an opinion doesn’t go down with me, I don’t just say yes, I will argue with you and will have you hear my opinion. People misunderstand that part of me.

I like to be in my own space, I’m a loyalist. I’m like a dog, the most loyal animal on earth. I’ll never betray you; that’s the kind of soul I have.

Source: The African Media

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