Mr Isaac Boniface, twenty years is suspected to have defiled a 4 four year old girl in Dahwol community, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Mr Akinmoyede, The State Police Commissioner, on Wednesday paraded over 20 suspected criminals for numerous offenses including rape and defilement at the police headquarters in Jos. And this suspect in question was in their midst.


These paraded suspects were questioned and this is what Mr Boniface said:

“My name is Isaac Boniface and I live in the same compound with the girl and her mother. Anytime I was going to work or passing by, the girl would greet me and I would greet her back because we are friends. So, one day, I took her to a corner in the compound and had carnal knowledge of her. The mother later told me to follow her to somewhere and that was how I was arrested by the police.”

Isaac confessed to the crime and continued to say that he defiled the kid because the four year old girl was his friend.

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