A 73-year-old Armenian woman travelling from Greece has been found with her husband bones at a Germany International Airport.

The lady claimed she was travelling with the bones to his native Armenia. Authorities later deemed the transfer of the bones as lawful.

Documents indicated that the woman’s husband had died in 2008 and was buried near their home in Thessaloniki.

Woman found with Husband Bones

Airport officials found the humans remain after examining the contents of a wooden box in the woman’s luggage. They then called in customs officers, a doctor, and a public prosecutor for further questioning.

Police interrogations revealed that the woman was attempting to fly the bones of her deceased husband from her home in Greece to be laid to rest in their native Armenia, with flight stopovers in Munich and Kyiv before reaching the destination. The woman was accompanied by her 52-year-old daughter.

Federal authorities determined that the transfer of human remains was lawful. The public prosecutor also found no grounds for a criminal investigation.

The mother and daughter were permitted to continue on their journey, taking the bones with them.


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