7 Self-Isolation Precautionary Measures to practice

Self-isolation is a goodpreventive liveto safeguard those around you – your family, friends, colleagues – from catchingCOVID-19. It means that taking straightforward, commonsense steps to avoid shut contact with peoplethe maximum amount as doable, such as you would with the seasonalcontagion virus. we all know it’s a nerve-wracking time, however taking these measures canfacilitatedefend you, your family and every one of Nigeria from COVID-19 and different common infectious diseases.

The African Media has compiled these seven measures to protect you, your colleges and loved ones for this 14 days self-isolation period

1. Self Isolation

Purposely staying at home, away from everybody for a period of 14 day


Do not go closer than 2 metres (5feet) to anyone.

    2. Stay in a well ventilated room alone

Keep away from everyone including family and pets. Do not use commonly shared household items

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   3. Ensure you work from home

If you have to work, do so from home during self-isolation

 4. Ensure you have adequate Supplies


Have adequate supply of food, water, toiletries, medication for existing ailment and other necessities

 5. Practice Clean Hygiene regularly


Cover your nose and mouth with tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing

Immediately dispose used tissue in a covered bin

Wash your hands with soap and water. If not available, use an alcohol-based hand  sanitiser.

6. Frequently clean & disinfect surfaces


Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, furniture,  etc using household disinfectants.

7. Who to contact when you feel sick

If you feel feverish, keep coughing, have a sore throat and difficulty breathing, call on the NCDC for immediate help.

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Call 080097000010 or send sms to 08099555577 or whatsapp message to 07087110839

Practice these measures and you will not contract the virus in your self-isolation period. When you start to show symptoms of the virus when you are in self-isolation, practice the seventh step by contacting the numbers stated above. These numbers are from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and they will guide you.

Credit/Reference: Nigeria Centre for Disease Control