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50 Famous Pets That Have More Social Media Followers Than You

Gone are the days when humans held exclusive dominion over the internet. Today, they must share the limelight with a myriad of pets, ranging from cats and dogs to bunnies, foxes, tortoises, ducks, and even pigeons. The following notable pets boast online fan bases that many of us would envy.

While you’re likely familiar with immensely popular pets like Grumpy Cat, Nala the Cat, or Doug the Pug, I’ve curated a list of over 50 pets of moderate fame. While they may not command massive followings, they still surpass those of many humans.

100 Instagram-Famous Pets

The world of Instagram is home to some remarkably famous pets, captivating audiences with their adorable charm and photogenic appeal. These furry influencers have achieved levels of stardom that surpass expectations, winning hearts with their undeniable pet perfection.

Before delving into the list, it’s important to note that the order of famous pets is not based on their follower count. So, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the celebrity status of these pets and the adoration of their loyal fans at every turn.

1. Loki the Wolf Dog

famous pets Loki on Instagram

Competing with a lot of Instagram huskies, Loki is still in the spotlight. During a snowstorm, his dad brought him and introduced him to his new home. That’s how their journey of adventures began. Now, with 1.9 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, people grew to support and enjoy their adventures.

Follower count: 1.9M

2. Lil Bub

Lil Bub - a cat with snow flakes on the body.
Source: iamlilbub on Instagram

My God! Let’s focus on her cute expressions, there’s no wonder that she got 2.4 million followers on her Instagram. You’ll be amazed by knowing she is a perma-kitten, which implies that she will remain kitten-sized and have kitten-like features throughout her life.

No wonder she makes the cut for one of the most famous pets on Instagram!

Follower count: 2.4M

3. Buckley Walker Shaw

Buckley Walker Shaw - a dog wearing party hat and bib.

This picture clearly shows Buckley’s excitement about turning one. God has done a great job with Buckley! I mean just look at that heart-shaped nose. But what seems more attractive is his calm demeanor.

Follower count: 8.6k

4. Buckley the Labradood

Buckley the Labradood - a dog wearing gray white scarf.

Can you imagine that this little guy is obsessed with sunny days and he’s full of life? Even his mom considers Buckley as her biggest support when it comes to her hectic job shifts, as playing with him relieves all her stress.

Follower count: 1.3k

5. Buckley Walker Shaw

Buckley Walker Shaw - a cat laying on red flowers.
Source: realgrumpycat on Instagram

These expressions will never fail to get your attention for sure. Grumpy Cat was born on April 4th, 2012. Her beautiful frown has been making this world smile since then and won 2.5 million hearts.

Follower count: 2.5M

6. Carl the Samoyed

Carl the Samoyed - a white dog wearing scarf.
Source: carlthesammy on Instagram

This puffball is irresistibly precious and is so fluffy. He seems like a part of a cloud sometimes, but he’s never afraid of getting himself dirty while playing with his friends. Mostly, Carl’s videos have interesting captions written by his mom, so you’ll always know what’s on his mind.

Follower count: 83.7k

7. Nala Cat: A Queen Amongst the Famous Pets

Nala Cat - a cat is hiding under the chair.
Source: nala_cat on Instagram

This cute kitten Nala was adopted from a shelter and was coping with breathing problems. But because of her owner’s constant effort and the right care, she has grown up big and healthy.

Now, the saddest part is her legs didn’t grow that much for some reason. But her brave eyes will let you know that she’ll never stop seeing the world’s beauty no matter what life throws at her. She truly deserves to be crowned as an Instagram queen out of all these famous pets.

Follower Count: 4.4M

8. Doug The Pug: The Most Heart-Melting Pug out of the Famous Pets

Doug The Pug - a dog wearing green mascot.
Source: itsdougthepug on Instagram

Doug the Pug is a famous dog who has earned a large social media following. He’s one of the most followed pugs online with over 3.8 million followers in total. His fans adore him for his stunning poses in those cute little outfits. It is very hard to meet a more heart-melting pug out of all the famous pets.

Follower Count: 3.8M

9. Jiff Pom

jiff pom - a dog is wearing rabbit costume
Source: jiffpom on Instagram

Jiffpom is a social media star with a huge number of followers on Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This little guy has so many achievements that you won’t believe. He played incredible roles in projects like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video. Also, Jiffpom has gained a Hollywood socialite status, as he has several red-carpet appearances.

Follower Count: 9.8M

10. Pumpkin The Raccoon

Pumpkin The Raccoon - a Raccoon is laying down on floor.

Pumpkin the Raccoon was adopted by a family after falling off a tree. Now, this girl is living a luxurious life with her new family and pals, Toffee and Oreo (2 rescue dogs). With a little bit of mischief and a lot of grace, Pumpkin is getting more popular day by day.

Follower Count: 1.2M

11. Yeti Kong

Yeti Kong - a monkey is wearing diaper inside its house.

The story of this little creature began when his parents adopt Diddy. Then, after one year, they adopted the 2nd marmoset, Yeti for Diddy’s company. Now, both of them are inseparable and best pals.

Follower Count: 816k

12. Hamlet

Hamlet - a pig is wearing shades and floral necklace.

She’s a famous pig on Instagram living in Nashville. Hamlet is popular for her unique & aesthetic fashion sense. She isn’t only a cute face, she’s a therapy pig. While getting immense love on Instagram, she enjoys the spoiled lifestyle that she truly deserves.

Follower Count: 334k

13. Ludwik

Ludwik - a guinea wearing flower on head.
Source: ludwik_guinea_pig on Instagram

Would you believe that this little pig has been starved to death in a vet clinic? But still, this little one didn’t give up on life. He became an Insta celebrity from an ordinary abandoned pet in less than 1 year.

Follower Count: 238k

14. Lionel And Lilo The Hedgehogs

Lionel And Lilo The Hedgehogs - hedgehog is wearing christmas hat.
Source: lionelthehog on Instagram

In 2015, Anna Mathias got her first hedgehog, Lionel. His real owners didn’t want him. Then, she bought the 2nd hedgehog, Lilo, in Asheville. She wanted to buy a dog, but now she feels it was a great choice to buy hedgehogs as she’s having fun with her pals.

Follower Count: 151k

15. Sam

Sam - a cat is wearing shark hat.
Source: samhaseyebrows on Instagram

Meet Sam! The cat with eyebrows and an innocent angelic face. I’m sure, he’ll never get caught even when he messed up just because of his cute innocent face.

Follower Count: 225k

16. Bertram The Pomeranian

Bertram The Pomeranian - a dog wearing neon glasses.
Source: bertiebertthepom on Instagram

He is an Instagram famous Pomeranian who has gained over 431K followers. He was adopted from a shelter in Oklahoma. Now, he’s gaining the attention and love of his audience by entertaining them via those interesting posts on Instagram.

Follower Count: 431k

17. Super Pringle

Super Pringle - a reptile wearing christmas attire.
Source: super_pringle on Instagram

Pringle, a bearded dragon lives in Australia. He’s now 11 years old and reaching down to the retirement stage of his life. However, it didn’t affect his popularity because Pringle is a poser who loves to pose for his fans with or without outfits.

Follower Count: 14.6k

18. Norbert

Norbert - a white dog laying on his couch.
Source: norbertthedog on Instagram

Nobert is a therapy dog and this name was inspired by the dragon from the harry potter book series. Her owner, Julie trained him herself when he was one. Then, this smart puppy passed the tests to be a registered therapy dog.

Follower Count: 810k

Follow Norbert

19. Henry and Baloo

Henry and Baloo - a cat is on the back of the dog.
Source: henrythecoloradodog on Instagram

Henry is a mountain dog, formally called Buttercup. An adventurous family adopted him when he was only 3.5 months old. Then, they brought a kitten Baloo to join them. Now, Henry and Baloo are enjoying all the adventures with their parents and inspire many people to do the same.

Follower Count: 2.2M

Follow Henry and Baloo

20. Shota Tsukamoto

Shota Tsukamoto - a hedgehog is laying on the bed with pig toy.
Source: darcytheflyinghedgehog on Instagram

It’s quite hard to compete for popularity in a world fully dominated by dogs and cats. But this little hedgehog is giving them a tough time. Her journey of popularity began 3 years ago when her owner Shota Tsukamoto posted her first photo on Instagram.

Follower Count: 330k

Follow Shota Tsukamoto

21. Willamina

Willamina - a dog wearing glasses in pink crochet top.
Source: williecute on Instagram

This adorable Yorkie’s name is Willamina. Her mom, Laura, is obsessed with her hair and makes different hairstyles like braids or ponytails. Willamina is getting viral for her posts as well as making other pets envious of her beauty.

Follower Count: 58.7k

Follow Willamina

22. Suki Cat

Suki Cat - a cat is wearing crochet top.
Source: sukiicat on Instagram

From the snowy mountains to greeny forest floors, hiking rocky trails to sailing over water, Suki enjoyed all these adventures! Well-known for her Instagram account, the popular cat travels the world with her owners.

Follower Count: 1.9M

Follow Suki Cat

23. Mocha

Mocha - a dog is wearing black glasses laying on blanket.
Source: mocha.thelab on Instagram

This good-looking boy is Mocha! He’s from Turkey and is popular on Instagram for his amazing posts. He has gained 23.3K followers via his fun reels. He was even dressed up as a human in his videos which was fun to watch.

Follower Count: 23.3k

Follow Mocha

24. Oliver the Teddy Bear

Oliver the Teddy Bear - a dog is playing ball.
Source: oliverthedogx on Instagram

Some pet stars grow their fan followings gradually, however, others just snatch everybody’s hearts right away and Oliver is one of those. Though he’s only 2 years old, he has already gained 101K followers and this number just keeps on growing.

Follower Count: 101k

Follow Oliver the Teddy Bear

25. Maple Cat

Maple Cat - a cat wearing flower necklace beside teddy bear.
Source: on Instagram

In 2017, a family welcomed a cute little kitten, Maple. They started a casual Instagram account that became popular soon. As they posted the fourth photo to, it went viral within seconds on platforms like Reddit, FB, etc. It was incredible how Maple earned more than 5000 followers within a few days.

Follower Count: 623k

Follow Maple Cat

26. Charlotte

Charlotte - a tortoise is on the scattered wood ground.
Source: charlottethetortoise on Instagram

Charlotte, a little tortoise has become famous just like her owner, Pete Souza right after the 2016 presidential elections. However, she enjoys her life to the fullest, when she’s not posing on Instagram, she spends her time hiding in her box, taking sunbaths, or doing stuff like that.

Follower Count: 28.5k

Follow Charlotte

27. Jack the Cockatiel

Jack the Cockatiel - a parrot is playing skate board.
Source: jackthecockatiel on Instagram

This adorable cockatiel has been shuddering his wings on Instagram for a couple of years now, just bringing smiles to the faces of his fans. The cockatiel, Jack is from Brazil and has ruled the platform to please his fans. Whether he’s posing with sunflowers or covered in popcorn, Jack won’t disappoint.

Follower Count: 74.1k

Follow Jack the Cockatiel

28. Tuna

Tuna - a dog is wearing checkered polo.
Source: tunameltsmyheart on Instagram

Since tuna is a perfect example of the underdog, most people love him for his endearing behavior. His true followers appreciate his physical appearance and have fallen in love with his grace. They can even relate to his message; that real beauty lies inside.

Follower Count: 2M

Follow Tuna

29. Jeremy Veach

Jeremy Veach - a dog is laying on flowers.
Source: jeremyveach on Instagram

So peaceful, right? You can stare at this picture the whole day and won’t get tired. For almost 5 years, Jeremy and this boy, Norm have been capturing the charm of the Pacific Northwest as well as the hearts of 268K Instagram fans. Both of them are enjoying traveling as much as each other’s company.

Follower Count: 268k

Follow Jeremy Veach

30. Michael Scott

Michael Scott - a cat is wearing necktie.
Source: dunderkitten on Instagram

With a furry personality, Michael Scott, or Dunder Kitten, is rapidly acquiring followers all over the world. He had a major personality, and was socially inept; loving yet loud.

Follower Count: 13.8k

Follow Michael Scott

31. Popeye

Popeye - a dog is wearing cotton printed shirt.
Source: popeyethefoodie on Instagram

Popeye is a soft, floppy-eared mate that obviously considers himself a foodie. He became a big Insta-celeb after being rescued from the streets. Now, he just sits at the table, enjoys his meal, and entertains people.

Follower Count: 399k

Follow Popeye the Foodie Dog

32. The World’s Cutest Adventures

The World’s Cutest Adventures - a hedgehog is wearing crown and sitting on his throne.
Source: mr.pokee on Instagram

Mr. Pokee is a Germany-based hedgehog, who has in excess of 700,000 fans on Instagram. He’s the new ‘petfluencer’ to making his owner proud by spreading smiles everywhere.

Follower Count: 1.8M

Follow The World’s Cutest Adventures

33. Reagan Doodle

Reagan doodle - a dog is holding a cookie house.
Source: reagandoodle on Instagram

He’s an Australian labradoodle who likes to lick human faces, play, and model for the camera. He has a wavy downy, non-shedding coat. That’s thick and delicate like a stuffed toy and doesn’t tangle easily.

Follower Count: 485K

Follow Reagan Doodle

34. Lizzie & Ally

Lizzie & Ally - golden retrievers wearing scarf on snow.
Source: lizzie.bear on Instagram

Here I present Lizzie and Ally, 2 besties living in Canada. Their owners took on Lizzie first and then concluded she wanted a mate, so Ally was adopted the next year. It’s quite evident from the picture that these 2 are inseparable now.

Follower Count: 440K

Follow Lizzie & Ally

35. Waffles

Waffles - a cat is wearing spiderman suit.
Source: waffles_the_cat on Instagram

Waffles is a Scottish boy. When he was a newborn, people abundant him due to his appearance. Later on, he was adopted by a loving family and he proved himself beautiful and special by gaining 882K fans on his Instagram.

Follower Count: 883K

Follow Waffles

36. Mr. Poof

Mr. Poof - is a parrot standing on the hand.
Source: mr.poof on Instagram

Meet this cute little budgie who loves to talk like humans. Mr. Poof is one of the most handsome creatures on the planet who with his kind words, pieces of advice, and loving behavior has attracted thousands of followers on Instagram. Who believes this little soul can help a human tell the time by looking at the watch? This has been an amazing fact about Mr. Poof the talking budgie.

Follower Count: 62.4K

Follow Mr. Poof • The Talking Budgie

37. Puddin

Puddin - a dog is walking on white sand.
Source: mydearpuddin on Instagram

This precious girl never fails to melt your heart with her looks. Despite her severe eye infection, Pudding lost her eyes when she was only a few weeks old. But she’s now living a happy and healthy life with her owner. This little cuddle bug has won so many hearts and a huge fan following on Instagram.

Follower Count: 177K

Follow Puddin

38. Venus

Venus - a two face cat lying.
Source: venustwofacecat on Instagram

Wow! What a beautiful face she is blessed with. Venus is a two-faced cat and a famous Tik Tok star. She enjoys life with her other four family members. Her unique and attractive face makes her stand out in the crowd.

Follower Count: 2.1M

Follow Venus the Two Face Cat

39. Loulou & Coco

Loulou & Coco - two dogs are sitting next to each other.
Source: loulouminidachshund on Instagram

Two wonderful buddies Loulou & Coco are from the Netherlands.  They have become the favorite mother and daughter duo of all time. They are the actual foodies who love to eat. These two girls have stolen many hearts with their calm behavior and disciplined lifestyle.

Follower Count: 398k

Follow Loulou & Coco

40. Melvin and Bianca

Melvin and Bianca - rabbits resting on rug.
Source: bunnymelv on Instagram

Let’s get introduced to the super cute and innocent-looking bunnies, Melvin and Bianca. They have grabbed the attention of thousands of followers on Instagram, who love to see them snuggling, playing, and having fun together. Melvin and Bianca are the most famous pet influencers in Sweden.

Follower Count: 185k

Follow Melvin and Bianca

41. Louboutina

Louboutina - a dog wearing cape.
Source: louboutinanyc on Instagram

Loubie is a kind soul that is famous for giving hugs and spreading love. After turning 10 years old, this cutie pie had to go through medical surgery to cure her sickness. She is all fine now and living a graceful life with her dad.

Follower Count: 183k

Follow Louboutina

42. Prissy and Pop

Prissy and Pop - pig wearing pink ribbons and dres.
Source: prissy_pig on Instagram

Mini piggies are the most handsome brothers on Instagram. Both boys have different interests and have different plans. One common interest they share is their farm friends that are the love of these two buddies.

Follower Count: 670k

Follow Prissy and Pop

43. Zesty Cresty

Zesty Cresty - a colorful pink parrot.
Source: cockatiel.too on Instagram

It’s undoubtedly a beautiful cockatiel on Instagram with 16.6K followers. This guy poses perfectly for his photos to get more and more followers. This attractive boy has a crest that is full of zest and the astonishing pink color makes him flaunt always.

Follower Count: 16.6k

Follow Zesty Cresty

44. Harley

Harley - a white parrot.
Source: harleythecockatoo on Instagram

Meet the gorgeous Harley. She loves to be the best friend, helper, and even a nurse for her mommy. This Dutch girl loves to take shower and entertain her thousands of followers. Her Instagram posts show how she enjoys her life to the fullest.

Follower Count: 137k

Follow Moments of Harley’s Life

45. Gotcha & Letty

Gotcha & Letty - a white parrot.
Source: gotcha_the_cockatoo on Instagram

O my goodness! What a beautiful creature it is. Gotcha is a super cute cockatoo. Have u ever seen someone praising himself? Just have a look at naughty Gotcha. This boy loves to talk about himself. He tells his mama that he is a good boy. The talking bird has a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram.

Follower Count: 71.2k

Follow Gotcha & Letty

46. Rhea

Rhea - a naked bird wearing hawaiian dress.
Source: rhea_thenakedbirdie on Instagram

No one can stop liking such little tiny birdy, after looking at this adorable picture. Rhea was a naked bird who passed away in 2017 but is still an Instagram sensation. The overloaded cuteness and uniqueness got her 355K followers as Rhea proves that being different is beautiful.

Follower Count: 355k

Follow Rhea the Naked Bird

47. Special needs bird rescue

Special needs bird rescue - birds lined-up.
Source: katies_birds on Instagram

This is a pet bird rescue service. All the birds with disabilities and plucking issues are treated here. Katie is the lady who runs this rescue. Helping birds with their recovery is her ultimate purpose. People trust her with their pets and that is why Katie has more than 63k followers on Instagram.

Follower Count: 63.7k

Follow Special needs bird rescue

48. Beaker

Beaker - a bird in blue feathers.
Source: beakertheparrotlet on Instagram

Beaker lives with mom and dad to enjoy a luxurious life. The beautiful blue parrot catches the eyes easily. The amazing photos of beaker and friend Ella who passed away in 2014 have almost 1.2k followers on Instagram.

Follower Count: 1.2k

Follow Beaker

49. Fish Zone Malawi

Fish Zone Malawi - a yellow fish.
Source: fishzonemalawi on Instagram

Just like the color of her skin, this little fishy can brighten up your day. She and her fellow fishes have been a great source of entertainment for 6.7K followers on Instagram.

Follower Count: 6.7k

Follow Fish Zone Malawi

50. Guus the Duck

Guus the Duck - a duck leaning forward.
Source: guustheduck on Instagram

A pet duck that is famous for its amazing outfits. This duck is being pampered so well by its owner. The fluffy duck has won many hearts on Instagram and has more than 14k followers. This little duck from Holland is giving the real pet goals.

Follower Count: 14.3k

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