Lil Baby and Saweetie Rumored To Be Dating

Rumors have it that American rapper, Lil Baby and Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, Saweetie is dating. Earlier this year, rumors surfaced stating there was tension between Migos and Lil Baby.

The gossip  is churning out new rumors and the internet has been lit up. There have been many Hip Hop couples that fans have admired together and as individuals, but people seemed a bit perplexed when Hollywood Unlocked shared their exclusive story earlier today (November 24) that Lil Baby and Saweetie were now a couple. Over the weekend, Saweetie not only performed on Saturday Night Live, but she hopped on the Power 105.1 Powerhouse stage for a performance, as well.

At Powerhouse, the rapper was asked about her forthcoming album Pretty B*tch Music, but instead, she revealed her desire to have a baby. However, she made it clear that she doesn’t have a man, yet HU says otherwise.

As Saweetie celebrates her two Grammy nominations, it was reported that she was still in New York and was seen shopping with Lil Baby. The “Best Friend” hitmaker was allegedly at a Chanel store with Baby where he is said to have dropped $100K on her. Recently, there were also rumors that Saweetie was dating Baby’s good friend James Harden, but she quickly shut that down.

Fans believed that Lil Baby and the mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves, had once again reconciled, but that may not be the case. Saweetie and her Migos ex Quavo dated for some time, but their explosive breakup was documented, including the scandal over their violent elevator fight. Would Lil Baby and Saweetie be the next “it” Hip Hop couple?

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