Fury Beats Wilder Again to Retain His WBC Heavyweight title

Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder by 11th-round knockout!

The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder with a knockout at the11th-round knockout to retain his heavyweight crown before a delirious crowd of 15,820 at the T-Mobile Arena. What heart! What courage! An instant classic that ennobles both men.

Fury Beats Wilder Again to Retain His WBC Heavyweight title

Fury says after the fight which contained five knockdowns in total;

“I’m the best fighter in the world and he’s the second best.”

“I was hurt, he’s a tough man … it was a great fight tonight, worthy of the best trilogies.”

Wilder has left the ring and disappeared into the tunnel, but not before holding up his right hand with a smile to salute them.

The result establishes Fury’s supremacy over his American opponent once and for all after their first fight ended in a split draw and their second in a knockout win for the Briton.

In the build-up to Saturday’s fight, Wilder had accused Fury of underhanded tactics in the second fight. But Fury’s second successive victory leaves little room for doubt over who is the superior fighter.

Fury went down twice and Wilder went down three times in what Fury called ”a great fight.”

The bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas completed the trilogy between Fury and Wilder, with the first fight having ended in a split draw and Fury having won the second fight by TKO in the seventh round.

With the victory, Fury defended his WBC heavyweight world title belt and the heavyweight lineal championship. Fury improved to 31-0-1 and Wilder dropped to 42-2-1.

Fury will be eyeing a fight against the winner of the Anthony Joshua-Oleksandr Usyk rematch, expected to take place in the spring. But he might first have to fight Dillian Whyte, who on Oct. 30 fights Otto Wallin.

FIRST ROUND — Wilder fires two jabs. Looking active early. Now a right. Working the body. Then to the head. A different Wilder, to be sure. More jabs. Fury not throwing, just watching. Fury looks caught by surprise. Now comes Fury. And Wilder responds with more jabs. Then a big right that a misses. Two hard rights to the body. Wilder in control. Fury lands a left hook – first good shot for him in the round. A 1-2 combo from Fury. A great right by Fury, but Wilder on his feet. Wilder 10, Fury 9.

SECOND ROUND —Fury lands two big punches! Now Wilder wobbly. Fury now looking comfortable. Wilder throwing the jab again, aiming for the belly. Fury looking more aggressive with an overhand right. Seesaw here. Back  comes Wilder. Wilder throws big right that misses and back fires Fury – and lands. Getting tied up. Wilder 19, Fury 19.

THIRD ROUND — Now Fury ready to stalk. Right hand looks cocked and ready. Wilder still leading with jab. Playing part of boxer, not just KO king. Fury being warned against putting Wilder in a headlock. Big punched exchanged. Wilder throws BIG overhand right and grazes Fury. Comes with the right again. Unloading, but can’t land that punch flush. WILDER DOWN!! Fury connects with a right. Wilder makes the 10 count! Wants to fight. Fury nails Wilder again. Wilder barely on his feet, but survives the round. Fury 29, Wilder 27.

FOURTH ROUND — Wilder in trouble. Now much left in the tank it appears. Looks disoriented. Fury loading up. Wilder buying time. Fury unloads with a barrage of punches that land on Wilder’s face. Wilder back to the jab. DOWN GOES FURY!!! Wilder lands the surprise KO punch!! Fury back on his feet and rady to fight. But Wilder lining up another. BIG punches. Down goes Fury AGAIN!!! Fury up on his feet and indicates he is ready to fight. Survives the round. Wilder 37, Fury 36.

FIFTH ROUND: Fury looking pretty fresh. Throwing jabs. A 1-2 combo from Fury that rattles Wilder. Wilder looking fatigued. Wilder looking for the KO punch. Throwing huge punches. Some landing. Fury won’t fall. Fury lands stiff right. Fury looks surprising fresh and Wilder looking fatigued. And yet Wilder throws another big right hand. Wilder 47, Fury 45.

SIXTH ROUND: Wilder starts out working the body. A boxer with a strategy. Definitely a different Deontay Wilder. Now firing the big shots. And so counters Fury. Fury marching forward and landing big punches. Wilder takes a knee. Looks like he was forced to the ground. Fury uses punches and his weight advantage here. Both fighters tired but throwing dangerous punches. Wilder 56, Fury 55.

SEVENTH ROUND — Fury lands a big right. And just misses Wilder’s chin with another right. Fury looks strong. Looking combs here – to the body and head of Wilder. Wilder comes back with big right. Big straight right. Fury has Wilder wobbling again! Could be tough to make it to the bell. Fury looking for the KO shot. Wilder holding onto Fury, trying to make it to the bell. Survives! Fury 65, Wilder 65.

EIGHTH ROUND — Fury stalking. Looks sharp. Wilder happily backing away. Looks likes Wilder needs to buy time. Wilder big right! But Fury taking it. Fury lands a solid left. Fury landing hard and often. Wilder back up. And Fury seems content to see that. Fury lands with another BIG right.  Again! But Wilder on his feet. Fury looking to line up Wilder. Wilder makes it to the bell – and maybe with a KO blow still in that right hand. Fury 75, Wilder 74.

NINTH ROUND — Wilder appears to have injured is right hand. Fury firing sharp punches here. Wilder now relying on jab to body again. Now it’s a slugfest again with Wilder landing the heavier blows. Back comes Fury, with an effective series of jabs. And another. Wilder looking hurt again as Fury used that jab to set up a flurry of punches. Wilder low on fuel here, but still that legendary right hand. Hug exchange here. Crowd looks spellbound. Wilder lands a big uppercut. Fury 85, Wilder 83.

 TENTH ROUND — Fury lands a big right. Now looking in control again. Fury the far more aggressive and livelier fighter now. .Wilder doing his best to line up that big right hand. Might be a Hail Mary shot now. DOWN goes Wilder! But he’s up; and ready for more. Fury landing two big lefts and misses with a home run right. A courageous Wilder hanging in there. Wilder clearly lookin for the big shot. But Fury lands big shots. Wilder lands BIG SHOTS! A surprising development there in this slugfest. Fury remains on his feet. Fury 95, Wilder 91.

ELEVENTH ROUND — Fury on the offensive. Fury landing big blows. DOWN GOES WILDER.. And he’s not getting up. The ref waved off the fight. Fury is the world champion after a classic fight!

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