Jim Iyke Walks Out Of An Interview in Kumasi, Ghana

Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke Walks Out Of An Interview at YFm Studios in Kumasi, Ghana as one of their presenter called NYDj queries Him for appearing late.

Jim Iyke Walks Out Of An Interview in Kumasi, Ghana

Jim Iyke is currently in Kumasi doing some media PR’s to promote “Bad Comment” ahead of his movie premiere tonight at the Kumasi Mall. The movie promotions have made him make several stops at the leading radio stations in the city.

However, he was scheduled to appear on YFm102.5 at a time they had set but he couldn’t make it on time and the presenter of the show, NYDj, quizzed him about the reason he was late.

Jim Iyke did not like how NYDJ put the question before him regarding his showing up at a late time and something the DJ said to him did not sit well with him so he decided to step out of the studio.

In other news, Jim Iyke recently weighed in on the reason the Ghanaian movie industry is not progressing. He cited that Ghanaians aren’t enthusiastic to revive the dying movie industry hence the fall of the acting business.

I think the will is what supersedes every human intention. And you need government power with regards to financial institutions and they should be part of this narrative… they are absent here in Ghana… and thirdly the people should believe it can happen because Ghanaians already believe nothing good can come out of it which is wrong…, he said.

Until you begin to look at it that there is no option than to do or die…, sometimes you need that extremism for something to happen. That laid-back approach that if it doesn’t work it is fine… that is what I have seen here in Ghana, he added.

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