Don’t preach loyalty and be ungrateful – Okese1 to Medikal

Ghanaian Musician, Okese1, the Na today hit maker, has made a statement which is alleged to be directed to his former friend Medikal.

Don't preach loyalty - Okese1 to Medikal

Medikal of AMG has come out a recent list of people who have played a vital role in his music career which did not include Okese1.

The Ghanaian Rapper Medikal’s list include his Boss, Criss Waddle, Uncle Beat, Kwame Zane, Flow Delly, Ahtitude, Kwame Bongo and Bisa KDei.

According the fans, the omitting of Okese1 name from the list, made him react on snapchat with these statement:

“I would be crying on my dead bed if I wasn’t alive to spit facts and truth

U don’t preach loyalty and fan fool people u claim u will grateful to forever”

He continued that;

“Ni99a can’t talk of helping me……… cos I paid for every sh!t…..n on top it…they owe me several loan with prove n voice notes!

I command the security services if I needed my money

Ur account would be long overdrawn”

These two musicians were friends before. They had collaborated on two songs back in 2020 but they turn enemies.

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