Sarkodie to Richardine; “I will be happy to win the Grammys”- KalyJaySpace With Sarkodie

Sarkodie on KalyJaySpace was asked by Richardine Bartee, a member of The Grammys Recording Academy who has done outstanding work with labels such as Sony Music, that how is he going to feel when he wins the Grammy and he responded, happy.

Sarkodie to Richardine; "I will be happy to win the Grammys"- KalyJaySpace With Sarkodie

On Wednesday, 6th October, 2021, was hosted by KalyJaySpace, who is a social media influencer and known for hosting big musicians on twitter Space. There were over 4.6K twitter followers who joined the conversation where a lot of people got the chance to ask the Ghanaian Rapper and BET Award winner, Sarkodie a lot of questions.

Among the questions asked, there was one from Richardine Bartee who is the Chief Executive Officer for GrungeCake and a member of the Grammy Recording Academy  which got Sarkodie a bit tensed and emotional.

Richardine said that they know him from way back 2014 when he recorded Sarkology. And in one of the songs he said that he is heading to the Grammys. Richardine continued to ask that how is Sarkodie going to feel when he wins the Grammys.

Sarkodie responded in a bit tensed and emotional that he will be definitely happy to win the Grammys. He continued that winning the Grammys is one of the things that certify you as a great artiste. He said his fans wants him to win.

There were numerous questions to Sarkodie and he took his time to answer all questions. And at the end he thanked his fans Sarknation for their support.

The twitter Space ended exactly 9pm with everyone satisfied with Sarkodie’s answers to them.

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