I Will Pursue Cross If I Don’t Have A Man Outside The House – Angel

Big Brother Naija housemate Angel has disclosed that if the reality show is over and she does not find a man to date, she will go back to Cross.

I Will Pursue Cross If I Don’t Have A Man Outside The House – Angel

Cross has been showing interest in Angel for some weeks now but it seems Angel has another option so have decided to put Cross on probation for now. During a conversation with Pere in the bathroom after the Saturday night’s party, Angel made her intentions known to her newfound friend Pere.

After her statement, Cross told Pere that Angel does not care about him but was just using him as part of her game plan in the house. According to Angel, her feelings for Cross is genuine but does not want to get attached to him.

Ange said;

“It’s complicated when it comes to Cross because I have a man outside the house. If I don’t have a man, I’ll pursue something with him outside the house. It was hurtful for me whenever I don’t talk or avoid Cross. I don’t fake my emotion with Cross. I cook for Cross. I don’t do that for just any man. The man outside there was there for me in tough times and I don’t want to treat him that way”

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