Somebody’s Son Go Fund Me One Day – Tacha Shares

BBNaija star Tacha has shared an Insatgram story that somebody’s son will fund her O’Day

Tacha somebody's son

BBNaija star Tacha has shared a post on her Instagram stories that somebody’s son will fund her O’Day.  Some sources say she is twisting a song lyrics by Tiwa Savage to her use. The original song talks about somebody’s son finding you one day and falling in love with you but guess that’s not what Tacha wants hence has twisted the lyrics to her favor saying somebody’s son will fund her one day.

Tacha is a very hardworking lady who could be classified as one of the independent ladies but guess she now needs help from a man who can give her what she wants and she has made it clear that all she wants is money as to whether love isn’t important to her we can’t tell but we know for sure she’ll fall in love.

The song is about love and women mostly sing that to show that they are single and ready to mingle though others just sing it for the fun and love it, Tacha seems to be in need of money than love hence tweeted saying somebody’s son go fund her one day.

And it’s true because if she eventually finds love and gets married, her husband is going to fund her even if she has her own money and can afford most of the things she might need, her husband will fund some of them to show his love and part of his responsibility towards his family.

Screenshot below;

Tacha somebody's son

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