Salle Criticized for Not Dressing Descent

The new trending Nigerian hitmaker, Salle (Street girl Call Me Salle) has been criticized by many pertaining to her dressing.

Salle criticized for her dressing

Salle, The Nigerian 17-years-old girl who Rose to fame after a video of her singing on the street went viral, has received a backlash for what the critic tagged as “indiscent dressing”.

The gentleman’s comment came after Salle previewed her first song with a video from her photoshoot with her helpers and posted it on social media.

According to him, Salle’s dressing looks like that of “Ashawos.”

His comment reads:

Naija finally turned Street girl to “Ashawo” dressing instead of just helping her music career. what sort of bad dressing is this..a normal fashion would’ve been suitable. Same happened to a young celeb in Ghana and she preg and her career stumbled.. God protect this talent for Africa.

Here is his comment on twitter;


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