Three home safety tips when going on a long journey

If you are leaving your home for a few days or weeks, here are good tips of what you need to check before you leave your home for work or traveling.


1. Check your tap
This is the most important thing you need to check before leaving your house when there’s no water, if you live in a part of Africa where light is not constant.

It is important because you might have unconsciously left the tap opened when you checked if water was still on, because when you leave for work or you travel the electricity might have been restored and your neighbors might pump water.

To avoid coming back to a flooded apartment always double check before leaving.


2. Make sure you switch of all electrical appliances

This is also an important thing you need to check before leaving your house.

Sometimes when light has been interrupted for a long while eventually when it would be restored, it might be of a higher current.

So to prevent your electrical appliances from getting damaged make sure you switch it off.


3. Check your windows

Sometimes when rain falls it gets windy and rain might drift towards your window into your room.

So make sure you always check your windows before leaving your home.

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