The Truth About Queen Elizabeth Ordering Ronaldo’s Man United Jerseys

There has been rumors about Queen Elizabeth II ordering 80 Man United jerseys & requesting the first signed Ronaldo jersey to be reserved. The truth is revealed in this story-

The rumor was initially published by Sport Innovation Society and was picked up by numerous sports outlets and social media users.

Queen Elizabeth and Ronaldo
Image Credit: The Royal Family Insta

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United after 12 years has taken the internet by a storm. The player’s return has had a number of fans claiming several ‘facts’ about the nature of his return, including a recent claim that says that Queen Elizabeth II has placed an order for 80 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United jerseys for her staff. The claims also state that the Queen demanded that the first signed jersey by the player be reserved for her. Are these claims true? Read here –

Did the Queen order 80 Ronaldo jerseys for her staff?

The news has since been picked up by a number of outlets and social media pages. The original account that tweeted the story, has since deleted the above tweet and issued public apology. Here’s what they said:

This rumor however has not been stopped in its tracks, despite the apology tweeted out by SIS. Media outlets have also picked up on the story and repeated it as a true story, citing the same source that originally tweeted – then deleted – then apologized – for the story. No other credible source has confirmed the news.

Did Queen Elizabeth II ask for a signed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey?

On September 1, days after Manchester United first announced Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to his home turf, a rumor began circulating on social media that Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom demanded a signed jersey from Cristiano Ronaldo, thereby requesting his autograph. However, this rumor is simply untrue. The rumors began when Sport Innovation Society tweeted this:

The Truth About Queen Elizabeth Ordering Ronaldo's Man United Jerseys

In addition, Queen Elizabeth II has not been known to be a Manchester United fan. She has never explicitly expressed her support for the club and a 2018 report by even claims that while she prefers to be neutral to the sport, The Queen is a closet West Ham fan. The report also claims that the Queen of England allegedly has a soft spot for Arsenal, but hasn’t expressed any particular support for Manchester United.

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