Seller Crashes A Customer’s Ferrari In Abuja [VIDEO]

Seller Crashes A Customer’s Ferrari In Abuja [VIDEO]

Seller Crashes A Customer’s Ferrari In Abuja [VIDEO]


It has ended in tears for a car dealer as he has crashed the all-expensive Ferrari a customer had ordered to buy in Abuja.

According to a Twitter user identified as @Ajiusman, a potential buyer was about to make payment for the Ferrari and hours later, the Ferrari had been crashed in an accident by the seller, however, no lives were lost.

A video shared online captioned shows the crashed luxury whip severely damaged at the engine area in the middle of a busy street and the potential buyer could be heard in the video expressed his disappointment and shock at the turn of events.

Swipe to watch the video below;


This is what some said about the incident below;

@donfidel wrote;

So the people laughing, I don’t understand the comic here, someone lost over 150 million naira, and you’re laughing? Chai

@diale_stezz wrote;

I hope these sellers do have insurance against things like this . Cause that’s an expensive crash

@odinny wrote;

The so called “seller” Don chop better gbese because I’m somewhat sure he’s probably just a middle man that marketed the car or the dude meant to deliver the car. The real owner of the car lot would be a big man and won’t deliver himself. Chai!

@milli_posh21 wrote;

Hmmmmmm since na d seller drive am it’s simple na . No stress am too much he go replace am

@mibrine wrote;

You were about to pay for? You suppose thank God say you never pay 😂. Thank God for the no lives lost 👏



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