Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Starts Her Day With FIX GHANA

Popular Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Begins her Thursday Morning with FIX GHANA (#FixGhana, #FixTheCountry)

Popular Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Begins her Thursday Morning with FIX GHANA (#FixGhana, #FixTheCountry)

Popular Ghanaian Actress, Model, Film producer and Entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson starts her Thursday morning with FIX GHANA, FIX THE COUNTRY movement.

Yvonne has been one of the Ghanaian Celebrities who shares her thoughts on matters of political issues and matters pertaining to national, continental and world general problems.

Not long ago Ghanaians hijacked Twitter with FixTheCountry and FixGhana hashtags (#FixTheCountry and #FixGhana). This was one of a kind social media demonstration in Ghana.

In around 5am Thursday morning, Actress Yvonne took to social media to share her mind on Ghanaian state as a country with series of tweets.

She wrote;

On a DAILY, The state of our country will break your heart! Sometimes happenings leave you speechless, Doesn’t make any sense. At all!

She continued with another tweet;

I blame every LEADER Ghana has had! I blame our SOCIETY! Our TRADITIONS and BELIEFS! The kind of stuff we justify in this country! They all haven’t gotten us ANYWHERE!!!!! We need to start RETHINKING……this isn’t working! GHANA IS NOT WORKING!!


She further wrote;

Its 5am ..been up just thinking! We need to FIX GHANA! IT STARTS WITH EVERYONE OF US, from LEADERSHIP TO PARENTING TO our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM TO the kind of stuff / values SOCIETY keeps instilling in us….yes! Its deeper than we think.

THE FOUNDATIONS at the TOP/POWER/LEADERSHIP is so CORRUPT it can corrupt anyone who gets there…. Looks like the system only favors the CORRUPT, how do we change that? How do we change a system so CORRUPT?

Yvonne Nelson known to be very vocal about political issues in the country lamented the lack of development in Ghana. She was core celebrity behind the DumsorMustStop (#dumsormuststop) campaign in 2015.

Yvonne Nelson on Dumsor must stop (fix Ghana(

She even revealed on BBC about her plans to consider running for police office in the future.

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