My Boss Sleep With Me 6 Times Daily – Lady Cries Out

My Boss Sleep With Me 6 Times Daily – Lady Cries Out

My Boss Sleep With Me 6 Times Daily – Lady Cries Out


Prince Adeboye The chairman of Human Rights Defenders And Access To Justice Advocate Centeral Alimosho branch in Lagos has received a case of a lady who cries for help claiming her boss sleeps with her every day.

According to Adeboye, the lady was married with child. Her husband was living in Oveseas.

After marriage the husband took her to the Oveseas.

The situation became bad and the husband sent her back to Nigeria with little or nothing.

That led her to where she is now which she is not finding it palatable.

She is now into Prostitution where she is subjected to s£xual assault and beating by her boss who is the owner of the hotel/brothel where she is working.

According her when she returned to Nigeria she rented an apartment where she lives.

But the rent expires she could not renew the rent. During interview she said that she became stranded until she met a man who has a hotel and the man is known as Sugar.

The man asked her where she is staying and she told her that she doesn’t have a home because that her house rent where she paid for before has expired.

Then the man promised to help her. He took her to his hotel and gave her one room to stay.

The man introduced her to be sleeping with men in his hotel.

She saw other ladies who are into in the hotel. Out of faustration she joined them and was making returns of #1500 to the man every day just like other girls as being demanded by the man.

She was doing it and making all efforts to meet up her boss’ demand of #1500 every day.

While working there she was there to get money and pay for her apartment and to save money to help herself.

She was saving her money with the owner of the hotel who called himself Sugar so that when she feels that the money is enough for her to stand on feet, she will request for the money.

At the appropriate time she requested for it but instead of giving her the money he decided to turn her into human trafficker by sending her to go and get some girls that will start working for him in that hotel as a prostute when she leaves.

He made a condition to be given her money. So Mr. Sugar gave her transportation money to go to her village and get some girls for him.

He told her not come back to Lagos if she does not find any body.

So she stayed in the village up to a month and two weeks searching for girls to replace her in that hotel and she didn’t see anybody.

So she came back without a girl.

Because of this the man became angry with her and he started maltreating her by beating her and sleeping with her six times a day till she became tired and left her hotel room and started sleeping outside.

It was last month of February that those girls she found in the village called her that they are ready to come.

He called him and he instructed her to take them to his one of his branches which she does not know.

She reported the case to the police station and the man was called on phone but he was not picking his calls.

The police officers know him before. The woman has reported it to the human rights group.

They have heard from her but wants to hear from the man but he’s yet to pick up his calls.



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