Russia Threatens to Take Down Twitter

Russia President Vladimir Putin threatens to take down Twitter if it doesn’t delete prohibited related contents

Russia President Putin vows to block Twitter Services in Russia for 30 days if contents related to p0rn, suicide and protest of Alexis Naviny is not deleted from the social media platform.

Russia Threatens to Take Down Twitter

Vadim Subbotin, deputy head of watchdog Roskomnadzor, made it clear on Tuesday that there would be a ban unless Twitter removes the content, which he said includes child porn and information on child suicide and drugs.

However, there has been critics that these are tactics by Putin to stop Putin’s political opponents  from organizing rallies, as they did in a number of cities earlier this year.

Subbotin said;

Twitter is not reacting to our requests as they should. If the situation carries on then it will be blocked in a month without a court order,’   

Meanwhile Twitter is also being sued in Russia for allegedly failing to delete material encouraging children to join anti-Putin protests.

Twitter said at the time that it was worried about the impact on free speech despite Russian laws specifically outlawing children attending protests.

Russia has also railed against social media sites for censoring state-controlled media such as RT, which have been branded propaganda sites by foreign governments.

Back in January, Putin personally accused social media giants in January of ‘controlling society’ and ‘restricting the right to freely express viewpoints.’

Around 9million Russians are thought to use Twitter, just eight per cent of the country’s total population, though it is the favoured means of communication for Putin’s critics including the likes of Navalny.

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