Simi Reacts As Fans Advise Her To Do More Promotions For Her Songs

Simi Reacts As Fans Advise Her To Do More Promotions For Her Songs

Popular Nigerian Songstress, Simi had an interesting chat with some of her fans on the issue of her not promoting her songs and doing more international collaborations.

A Twitter User by the username @real_deolu has tweeted that Simi is too talented to be comfortable with where she is. He added that this is the reason why she isn’t yet one of the greatest of our time.

The singer in response wrote; “If I’m good at all the genres I touch, am I too comfortable, or I’m just good at all the genres I touch? Abi make I rap?” 

Another Fan wrote;

“Please go hard on promotion and ads. Your PR is lacking. You have so many projects out and we can only count few Simi hits. But you have so many smash hits that didn’t get deserved recognition. I believe you can go harder.”

Another fan however was of a different opinion, saying that fans demand a lot and can’t be satisfied. He even used Messi and Ronaldo as examples.

In another tweet, Simi shared her opinions on why her songs might be popular like other artists.

She wrote;

“Thing is on the Naija scene, we have the fans, then we have gbogbo ero. The fans follow all your works. Know your projects and records. Sing along to all your jams. Come to ur concerts. Gbogbo ero only know the songs that everybody else knows. You cater to both differently.

The number of songs people sing word for word next to me and I’m like because mi o mo lyrics. Even big ass songs. Or how many times I ask @FavDada “who sang it”. Lmao. Thankful for the Army, because they always ride for me. The songs everybody likes is icing on the cake.”

Source: The African Media

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