Update: Eyewitness Recounts Details On What Led To Kashy’s Death

More unravels as an eyewitness recounts what transpired and led to Kashy’s unfortunate death.

During an Instagram live session with an eyewitness, he recounts what transpired and led to Kashy‘s death.

Kashy reportedly died in the early hours of Sunday, March 7, in Ghana, where he and his signee Barry Jhay had both been in the past few days.

Shortly after the news of Kashy’s demise, Barry Jhay his signee was reportedly arrested by the police in Ghana, Pulse reports.

However, more updates have been revealed as to what actually transpired that led to Kashy‘s death.

While addressing the issue on Instagram live, the eyewitness who pleaded anonymity reveals Kashy fell from the 5th floor of a 6 storey building and it wasn’t intentional.

Also, he reveals Kashy had a misunderstanding with the security officers and they went to his room.

While trying to struggle with them, they called for back-up and he tried to pull a stunt,  which made him fall.

Here’s the video;

Source: The African Media

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