Fans Excited As Ludacris Got His Pilot’s License (Video)

 Fans Excited As Ludacris Got His Pilot’s License

 Fan Excited As Ludacris Got His Pilot’s License

US rapper Ludacris got his fans impressed by flying a plane in a new video currently making trends on the social media space.

The US rapper could be seen flying above the clouds in the video he shared on social media recently

A Twitter account called @RapAllStars shared that Ludacris recently got his pilot’s license

Ludacris took to social media recently to share a video of himself flying a plane.

The star wore a navy short and a white T-shirt while operating the flying machine.

The US rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday, 2 February and shared the footage of himself flying high above the clouds. The Fast & Furious actor captioned his post:

“If you don’t evolve, you’ll evaporate.”

A Twitter account @RapAllStars shared the same video on the micro-blogging app. @RapAllStars captioned the post:

“Ludacris got his pilot’s license.”

Social media users shared mixed reactions to the video. Check out some of their comments below:

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@_RealMalikJ wrote:

“So I guess we all know who’s driving the plane in the new ‘Fast’ movie.”
@RighaME said:

“Dude’s checking if there’s any oncoming traffic.”
@speakmymind2020 commented:

“This is how you flex. These young rappers posting pics with stacks to their ears, ridiculously large chains and implanting jewellery under their skin should take notes.”
@VPiscesBoutique wrote:

“Idris DJing. Ludacris flying planes. I wonder what some of my other favourite celebs are doing.”

@gunteragu said:

“Well it’s quite obvious that ‘Fast and Furious 10’ they’ll be racing and drifting planes.”
@Dana_Brenklin added:

“Talk about next level. Congratulations Ludacris. That is really impressive.”

See Video of Ludacris flying plane:


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