Top 10 Evergreen Nigerian Songs

After careful research, we at TheAfricanmedia HQ have compiled a list of the top 10 evergreen Nigerian song which were released between 2000-2009.

With regards to contemporary music and sounds, this period saw the rise of legends, the production of classic albums and evergreen songs. It was also this moment that helped shaped the sound of not only modern Nigerian pop song but laid the foundations for Nigerian rap hits as well.

See List of the Top 10 Evergreen Nigerian Songs Below:

1. African Queen by 2face Idibia (2004/Kennis Music)

This is one of those songs that is timeless, never fades and flows from one generation to another. It’s a classic love song that has arguably influenced Nigerian love songs that came after it. There is hardly any Nigerian that doesn’t know the chorus to this love song.

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