“You’Re Abusive And Infertile” Actor Babatee’s Ex-Wife Drags Him For Defaming Her.

“You’Re Abusive And Infertile” Actor Babatee’s Ex-Wife Drags Him For Defaming Her.

“You’Re Abusive And Infertile” Actor Babatee’s Ex-Wife Drags Him For Defaming Her.

Popular Nollywood comic actor, Baba Tee has been called out on social media by his estranged wife, Dupe Odulate.

The duo, who got engaged in 2015, called it quits and parted ways in 2019.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Odulate opened a can of worms as she warned her ex-husband to stop putting her current fiancé’s career in jeopardy.

The London-based socialite wrote;

“Ps… it is time we get this settled once and for all. My fiance did not snatch me from anyone, I am not the type of woman to be snatched.
I met my fiance 8 months after you broke up with me.
Stop the habit of slandering people please. Am sick and tired of hearing this and that, please grow up, it is 2 years already. Haba!. Shebi u said u have married, make I no marry too ni.
Even though u picked ur wife on the street we lived on before u broke up with me, I sha no curse her or have anything against her cos she is innocent, she would believe whatever u told her, I did before too before my eyes clear…
Stop putting my hubby’s career and character at jeopardy.
Let people know you called it off with me, u left me in d house for a month to be with other girls at the hotel for a whole one month after emotionally and physically abusing me,
Tell people I called severally and never answered my call and all I used to see was ur story of u and those girls on ur instastory(sending messages say u no send me and i still dey for ur house)..
Tell them you sent me message to leave ur house and that u would not return home until I leave..
Tell them you medically proven infertile from ur low sperm count profile and u refused to treat it and desist from cigarette smoking ( and this was the major cause of all our arguments,nothing else)….
Tell them also that you have high blood pressure, that already killed 3 of ur brothers and even ur father and u have obviously had water retention in ur legs, yet u abuse cigarettes….
Tell them how u used to call me barren before we got to know u were the one with d issue.(deny the impotency and ur infertility test result will fly over the internet)
Tell them you threatened to stab me with a knife in ur hands.
Odabi wi pe en mad…
U better desist before I say all wetin dey my mind, I mean it, leave my hubby out of ur mouth..
Your loss is simply his gain. No be him send u message. Let that talk talk stop abeg..”

See her post below:


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